We Are All Cash Land Buyers.

Sell Your Land The Easy Way.

  • No Obligation Cash Offer for your Land
  • No Broker Commissions or Listing Fees
  • We Pay ALL Title, Escrow, and Closing Costs

Are you?

  • Ready to let go of your land because you no longer have a use for your land?
  • Tired of paying taxes and dues
  • Tired of waiting months, sometimes years for your land to sell?
  • Simply wanting to get cash for your land?


We are a Real Estate Investment Company, we acquire land for cash across the United States.  With years of land buying experience we make the selling process very quick and very simple. 

If you are looking to see how much your land is worth, fill out the form below and we will get you a cash offer.

How Our Process Works

1. We Research Your Property.

Once you provide us with some information on your land, we will go ahead and send over that information to our research department to evaluate your land.

2. We mail you an offer.

Once our team does the evaluation and we validate that your property meets our buying criteria, we will then mail you an purchase agreement.

3. We Open An Escrow

Once we have received the signed agreement, we will begin our title search on the land property, we work with a network of established title companies.

4. You Get Paid

Once you provide us with some information on your land, we will go ahead and send over that information to our research department to evaluate your land.

Ready To Sell Your Land?

The process usually is pretty quick depending on the county, title company or attorney used for title.

Land Selling FAQ's

What are some of the benefits of using All Cash Land Buyers?

By choosing us as your cash buyer for land you avoid having to go out and market raw land, it can take months, sometimes years to sell land on your own.  

By using all cash land buyers you avoid having to spend money on advertising, marketing and  additional costs, we cover all closing costs.

Many land properties are marketed using owner financing, which means the owner will have to deal with payment collection each month for years.  Also, selling your land property with a real estate agent or a brokerage may lead to disappointment in finding out that many brokerages don't give you the commitment of time and resources towards selling land, and commissions are normally lower.


What happens if back taxes, or dues are found on my land?

Any and all back taxes or dues will be negotiated as part of our offer before us coming to an agreement. In some cases where the amount of money owed is not much,  we will will cover them in advance to make the process simple and easy for you. 


Do i need a copy of my deed?

If you don't have a deed, we can create a new one for the purchase of the property, we will then provide you a copy, so don't worry about it too much.  

Are there expenses involved in selling my land?

If you go try to sell the property yourself you will definitely encounter a few expenses such as ( listing, escrow, deed prep, title & abstracting, recording, and advertising fees, also lets not forget photography costs and brokerage commission ) . 

These are just some of the costs of doing it yourself . 

When you use All Cash Land Buyers, we cover all those fees for you.